Stream your Heart Rate to your Avatar in VRChat

HRtoVRChat is an OSC tool for VRChat designed to stream HeartRate data, from a list of supported providers, to a HeartRate counter on your Avatar in VRChat. Use cases of this tool can vary from a fun challenge, intractability with streaming, or for medical purposes or research.

Friendly User Interface

Our friendly UI introduced in v2 addresses numerous issues users had with our previous version, as well as extending support across Operating Systems, with the addition of macOS and Linux support.


Written in NET Core 6, every aspect of the application has been designed to run smoothly on all systems supported. The application doesn't require any source code to be built from scratch¹, or any programming languages to be installed; everything that's needed is packaged inside of its application.

¹ The SDK is designed to be imported into an IDE and built yourself.

Feature Rich

Customization has always been the goal while designing the application. HRtoVRChat takes advantage of HR data provided to provide users with numerous customizable parameters to allow users to have the best experience while designing their HeartRate Counter. Making your HeartRate Counter flash when it's beating, or having your heart turn brighter when your HeartRate is higher, or disabling your HeartRate counter when it is not detected are all ways that your HeartRate Counter can be customized with HRtoVRChat's Parameters.

¹ Not all parameters are required to be used² onesHR, tensHR, and hundredsHR have been deprecated and are only here for legacy setups. All new setups (Prefab v2) use the universal HR Parameter.

Thorough Documentation

Every step of the process is documented thoroughly, making sure you get the most efficient setup with the least amount of time spent. An average setup can take less than an hour¹. Documentation comes in both a written form, for all of those bookworms out there, and in a video form, for people who are visual learners. On top of this, we also have a Community Discord Server where help can be provided to those who get lost or have problems during the setup process.

¹ This time is assuming you do the bare minimum avatar setup and excludes the software and device setup time

Extensive Support

With numerous devices supported, there's a high possibility that you own a device that is supported!

Extended Support

HRtoVRChat also provides developers with its own SDK to extend device support

* Extensions are not maintained by HRtoVRChat, they are maintained by its repositories' respective contributor(s). Please direct any issues with their software/SDK there, not here.

Let's Get Started

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