HRtoVRChatLauncher Downloads

Launcher application; manages both the UI helper and the HRtoVRChat_OSC. Recommended for beginners!

Windows x64

Linux x64

HRtoVRChat Downloads

Just the UI Helper; only manages your HRtoVRChat_OSC install, requires manual update.

Windows x64

Linux x64

HRtoVRChat_OSC_Prefab Downloads

The HRtoVRChat Prefab contains all files for adding an HRCounter to a user's avatar

Unity Package

HRtoVRChat_OSC Downloads

HRtoVRChat_OSC is a CLI (Command Line Interface) and is very lightweight. Command Line experience is required to use this. It is recommended to only be used by Advanced users only.


HRtoVRChat_OSC_SDK Downloads

HRtoVRChat_OSC_SDK is the SDK that allows developers to extend support with their own devices.

.NET Core 6

.NET Framework 4.8